We design & develop living wall products - as well as
distributing & installing sustainable and transformational vertical
for residential & commercial applications from 0.5m sq m
to several hund

Uniquely, our own living wall system Easiwall is
available unplanted too.

Click play to watch how we built our largest wall

Our Residential Products

Easiwall green wall

For the householder who would like to brighten up a wall...... More...

Easiwall-Pro green wall

For permanent installations of up to four storeys high.... More...

Gardening at working height

Fixed to a wall or fence at a convenient height... More...

Green screens

Pre-grown ivy screens provide instant greening... More...

Living Louvres

Feature Green Walls ideal for permanent installations ... More...

Vertical allotment - Edible wall

Ideal for growing your own food in limited spaces... More...

Quote of the week

"From little things big things grow" Paul Kelly and the messengers