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Treebox Living Walls & Urban Greening Solutions

Treebox was launched in 2009 to design, develop, distribute and install urban greening solutions for domestic and commercial applications. The company is currently focused on tackling what it considers to be two very important issues that face our growing urban population: air quality and food production in the urban environment.

The Treebox team brings together a diverse group of experts with a wealth of professional qualifications and experience in garden design, horticulture, project management, manufacturing and product development. The close-knit team is dedicated to providing sustainable and aesthetic solutions by sourcing locally manufactured, recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The team has collaborated with product designers, landscape professionals, colleges and plant nurseries to deliver urban greening products (including living walls), solutions and services throughout the UK.

We aim to contribute transformational change to our urban environment.

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Treebox is a growing business and we are always seeking to make contact with like-minded organisations and individuals who we can work with to achieve our aims.

We are continuing to develop new products and advance the urban greening agenda. As we expand our national network of distributors, installers and green wall enthusiasts, we invite you to join us in our quest to provide transformational change to our urban environments.

If you are interested in exploring how we could work together, please introduce yourself by emailing info@treebox.co.uk.


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We deliver sustainable urban greening solutions and products that cater for commercial and residential applications.

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