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The world is still reliant on combustion power as a preferred means to an end – a quick fix that was once considered an inexhaustible source of energy, but is now seen to be a finite resource that has taken a toll on our natural world.

Our love affair with energy continues to grow, and one would argue that we are now consuming more than we can sustainably produce. This has had a dramatic effect on how we live, work and travel, but if we have any hope of providing for future generations then the way we produce and use energy needs to change. With the population tipping 7 billion people in 2012, one can only imagine that the demands on present resources will increase further. It seems that we have underestimated our impact in the name of progress.

There is however a growing awareness and momentum building towards environmental  ethics, this movement is just the beginning as a step in the right direction. Ernest Partridge, from the University of California, defines environmental ethics as ‘humanity’s responsibility to nature and the future’. With that in mind I feel we have an incredible opportunity and obligation to bring nature in all its forms back into our cities, communities and lives.

As a relatively new company to the urban greening market, Treebox is set to be seen not only as a living wall provider, but an organisation driven by innovation aimed at having a Transformational impact on our Urban environments.

From temporary vegetated hoardings to green facades and edible walls, the goal is simple, let nature clean and green our cities whilst we capitalize on all the other benefits that a green infrastructure can provide us……………

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