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The race for sustainability is more than just about survival, it’s about reconnection with our
responsibility. Armando Raish, Director of Treebox Ltd, looks back on the path which inspired
him to set up his own living wall company …He will share his thoughts and vision through this
blog series over the coming months.

It doesn’t seem all that long ago when we were first became captivated by technology and all its
conveniences. I was born into a time when the world began to believe that human beings could achieve
absolutely anything they dared to imagine. Man had only just walked on the moon’s surface the year
before and as a result our confidence in human achievement sky rocketed! Not only could we dream big
and achieve incredible results against seemingly impossible odds, but we could inspire a generation by
doing so.

I was a young student in 1986 and had big dreams for my future, somewhere along the road I sensed
an overwhelming belief that I would somehow be a catalyst for something great in our world. I did not
know how, when or what it would be, but I knew it would require all my applied focus, and energy
along with the knowledge and experience acquire throughout my life to make it happen.

Whilst training in Architecture that year, I heard the term “passive Architecture” for the first time ……I
was amazed at how simple and creative design ideas could negate the need for mechanical cooling or
heating of a building. Just planting a tree in front of window could affect the temperature and occupants
in a building. It captured my imagination. To me it made perfect sense to work with nature and save a
lifetime of power bills as reward. This was old news then yet very rarely seen in modern practice. Why?

There are many effective methods that have been in practice for hundreds of years that can hold the
answer to helping modern buildings breathe and perform. We just need to apply them.

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