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Jan 2012  Strive Survive Sustain

Some time has passed since my last post yet so much has happened. In an attempt to find balance and self-renewal amongst running a growing business and  raising a young family, I had to learn how to pace myself and allocate the right energy to the most important areas of my life. .

I once thought that I would make a fortune then make a difference……this has not been the case   I now see that a good  fortune is built …by making a difference! It has to be part of what we do and more importantly why we choose to do something.

When driven with a purpose and a passion a small community of individuals can instigate real change….

In the past 12 months I have managed to rediscover what inspires me and what I feel most passionate about. Innovation! Creatively overcoming challenges by seeing the opportunity within them. In the process of reengaging I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some very talented and motivated individuals from a number of industry sectors, each committed  to making a real change in one form or another.

Some are passionate about environmental issues from the growing food crisis to clean water and air quality. Others more interested in social economics, poverty locally and abroad and others are actively engaged in building communities for positive change. Despite their different reasons and objectives all of them were driven by the same goal….Sustainability!

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