What Is Green Screening And How Does It Help The Environment?

by admin on Jun. 22, 2014    Posted under : Environmental

These living walls or “green screening" that are covered with vegetation, serve several useful functions in addition to support the growth of green spaces.

Among the many advantages that these walls have, are that they beautify the landscape, help maintain cooler spaces, aid in the management of rainwater and potentially household owners can cultivate their own herbs and spices through these installations.

However, green screening in public spaces remains a challenge for architects, local authorities and landscape designers. The current problems are the poor maintenance of these areas and use of existing trees in new developments. Therefore, the industry needs the views of specialists and new strategies to ensure that we can take advantage of these wonderfully rich walls of living organisms.

Another way to implement the green screen is by using it as a roof. Obviously, the roof can be the top of a building or may be at ground level, where buildings are below the ground.

 Instant Green Screening


Living terraces can be social spaces where people walk; the beauty lay in their versatility – they can be installed on any level, on walls, ceilings, roofs and make the most urban areas look infinitely better.

Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but living walls and green screens offer a huge environmental incentive too. By adding installations in parts of the country that suffer from pollution and bad air quality, our communities are making pro-active steps to reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Being full of vegetation, the green screens will absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, which is just what inner city areas need. 

Furthermore, a well maintained green screen will create mini eco-systems all of their own. Certain wildlife that before, would never roam near urban centres – would now choose to live amongst the green screens. Bringing our sometimes soulless towns and cities together with nature is an idea that is breathing new life into parts of our country that desperately need a makeover.

Whether you work somewhere that has a green screen, or just walk past one on the way to work, there’s no denying the impact and positive power that these natural walls transmit.

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