0 What Is Green Screening And How Does It Help The Environment? by Admin on Jun. 22, 2014

The trend of the ceilings and walls covered with vegetation is becoming a lot more popular in our modern world, especially with the designing of new public spaces, as well as it’s emergence in businesses and private homes.

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0 Do green walls have a payback period? by Admin on Feb. 25, 2014

Few would dispute that living walls have got the wow-factor. But what about the pound-factor?

Can you put a price-tag on a green wall’s impact? As an increasingly weighty body of scientific evidence shows, they purify the air, encourage biodiversity and regulate temperature. And as they change with the seasons, they also stimulate the senses. But is it possible to specify a green wall’s payback period?

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0 Why are Green walls essential for cities? by Admin on Feb. 04, 2014

With research showing that 50% of the world’s population live in cities, urban living is now the norm.  By 2050, the UN predicts this trend to increase by 40% which means 6.65bn of the projected 9.5bn people on Earth will be living away from nature.  This will be a triumph for industry but a fatal blow to rural living.  The trick is marrying the two and this is where vertical greening comes in.

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0 Treebox Aims To 'Close The Loop' As It Strives To Reduce Carbon Footprint by Admin on Jan. 09, 2014

Treebox has discovered ways of reducing its carbon footprint by more than 40% after joining forces with the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and research company We All Design.

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0 Transforming the public realm through Greenfrastructure by Admin on Jun. 04, 2013

Incorporating more greenery into the public realm isn’t a new concept but we believe a bold change in thinking among public bodies is needed if the UK’s

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0 Jade Goto Landscape Architect by Admin on Mar. 08, 2013

Jade Goto is an RHS Chelsea award winning landscape architect. Her practise, Jade Goto Landscape Studio, was founded in 2010 after a career working

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0 Alexandra Froggatt Landscape Designer by Admin on Jan. 24, 2013

Alexandra Froggatt is a Cheshire based Landscape designer who originally came from a background of wildlife conservation and art with a Biology degree.

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0 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS by Admin on Dec. 12, 2012

The world is still reliant on combustion power as a preferred means to an end – a quick fix that was once considered an inexhaustible source of energy,

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0 RACE TO SUSTAIN by Admin on Nov. 30, 2012

The race for sustainability is more than just about survival, it’s about reconnection with our responsibility. Armando Raish, Director of Treebox Ltd, looks

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0 TRANSFORMATIONAL THOUGHTS by Admin on Nov. 27, 2012

Some time has passed since my last post yet so much has happened. In an attempt to find balance and self-renewal amongst running a growing business

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