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This was a project on which Treebox were contracted by sensory environment specialist, Sensescape, to install a living wall in London's Belgravia. Sensescape had worked closely with the client on designing the wall and their decision to partner with Treebox was down to Easi-Wall’s robustness and proven installation base across a number of countries.

The Brief: A property management company in Belgravia required a high standard of finish for it’s discerning clientele. The brief was two-fold: Primarily aesthetics but also to improve air quality and ambience. 


(Image courtesy of Scensescape)


The exterior living wall here is a great example of what can be done with a small but striking north facing space with the complication of reflected but strong patchy incident light. The plants create a soft and lush texture without being overly intrusive. Sensescape worked very closely with the client to come up with an external planting scheme that matched the high quality interior finish of the building. The end result was commenced in March of 2015 and in full and vibrant bloom just three months later in June. 


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