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Steven and Harvey had seen own living walls and often remarked “we should get one of those.” When they bought their chic urban apartment in London’s trendy East End, they were surprised to learn the developer had included one in the plans. “It was great” said Steve, “they hadn’t settled on a design at that stage so Harvey and I were able to get the design we both wanted by working directly with Treebox.  “I wanted edible plants and herbs and Harvey just wanted greenery."


There’s no doubt the 12msq vertical garden makes a statement and this lush, stylish addition has transformed what would otherwise be just a dull brick and concrete internal patio into a much admired living space. The addition of a mirror at one end of the wall gives the effect of infinite space and the green wall continuing on and on... Music video producer Harvey said, “We think it’s great, to us it’s just a room without a roof and just as much a part of our home as the space inside – an extra room if you like.”


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