High-impact feature wall in Notting Hill


London's Notting Hill neighbourhood has become increasingly sought after by discerning buyers looking for large, elegant family homes. Recently the owners of such a property were faced with the challenge of a developing an unattractive side wall constructed in traditional London brick, but marred by heavy structural metal supports. The owners saw a great opportunity to install a green wall to enhance the visual impact in addition to benefiting from the potential environmental and insulation improvements.

Support framework in place
Semi-planted wall
Finished wall


Treebox was asked to help design, develop and install a solution suited specifically for the space. The idea was to utilise a vertical planting system that could accommodate sufficient growing medium to allow the planting of established plants. This would provide an instant impact without the need for an expensive offsite growing period.

The Easiwall-Pro system was installed using a framework of metal support rails to attach to the wall. The planting design was created especially for the varying growing conditions that exist on such a large installation. To take advantage of the different expertise amongst the installation team, modules were pre-planted on the ground prior to being hoisted into position by a specially trained cherry picker operator. The irrigation dripper lines installed in each module were linked together and connected to an automated control system.

An unusual feature of the installation was the inclusion of trees at height. Contours in the wall provided an area deep enough to support substantial planting troughs behind the Easiwall panels where three Amelanchiers were planted. These add texture and seasonal interest to the green wall that also features evergreen ferns, ornamental grasses, Heuchera and Pulmonaria - all chosen for their year-round appearance, hardiness, and suitability for the site conditions.


Only six weeks after the green wall was installed, the plants appeared to have been established for years. The owners are delighted with their new 60 sq.m. green wall and the added enhancement to their home. It remains to be seen if they are equally pleased with the increased tourist traffic and ad-hoc photography that seems to have been generated immediately outside their property!


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