Ivy curtain wall

Aimed at a balance between the instant solutions provided by pre-grown screens and the feature functionality offered by Easiwall, the Ivy Curtain Wall solution delivers a very cost-effective but flexible solution for a number of applications.

The system uses ivy potted in planters that clip to wire mesh frames. The evergreen ivy provides a robust all year round display with the ability to continue to grow beyond the area of the initial installation. The wire mesh frames used to support the planters can be shaped to suit any situation or obstacle.

Each planter contains a water reservoir (separated by a water absorbent membrane) that allows some flexibility with the irrigation, though daily watering is strongly recommended. Automated irrigation is essential to ensure that each plant receives the correct amount of water and nutrient.

Key Advantages

  • Simple solution. Based on the natural ability of ivy to grow rapidly and attach to walls and the side of buildings with minimal additional intervention.
  • Cost effective. Based on an economic source of planters and materials that are readily available from builders’ merchants.
  • Scalable and flexible. Frames can be constructed to almost any shape and size, and plants are easily changed for seasonal interest.
  • Easy maintenance. Minimal irrigation and pruning required

Best Applications

  • Urban locations that need a low-cost, low-maintenance wall covering.
  • Feature walls where installation and maintenance costs are more important than design flexibility.


  • It can take time to cover an area larger than the initial installation, i.e. beyond the initial pre-grown frame.
  • Limited to trailing plant types.


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