Living Louvres

Ideal for permanent installations, Living Louvre panels can be linked up in spaced linear strips these can be linked together and can create linear strips of wall up to four stories tall. These panels can either be fixed in place or function in a similar manner to blinds being able to be pulled back so all louvers are close together to give the illusion of a solid green wall similar to our Easiwall system or pulled out to showcase its slim line look. The louver system can be used in a number of places were slight screening is required.

  • There is no establishment period required as panels are planted up on-site
  • Deep troughs provide space to use plants from pot sizes up to 1.5 litres, generating an instant impact
  • Made from polypropylene (80% recycled materials) and are 100% recyclable.
  • Can be fixed to a wall or building with relative ease and planted in situ.
  • System allows great flexibility in plant design and maintenance.
  • No expensive support structures required
  • Moving feature available
  • Irrigation lines included
  • Supplied flat-packed with assembly and fixing instructions

Unit dimensions: 200mm x 180mm x 2.4m high

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