Residential Services

We offer a range of services, please chose the link below that best describes you needs. Or send us your contact details and a brief description of your requirements and we will arrange for someone to contact you.
Bespoke design solutions – we provide layout plans and images that will enable you to create your own vertical feature. Email us for more information
Advice - we can provide guidance and help and on the best way to set up your green wall and/or vertical allotment. Email us for more help
Plant selection – we can assist you in selecting the best choice of planting for your specific conditions. Download a copy of some of our recommendations Technical downloads
Installation – we have a network of trained installers that operate through London and beyond. Visit our section on Treebox Installers.
Maintenance – although it is easy to maintain our smaller green walls, we still recommend a periodic visit is arranged to ensure the installation is performing at its best. Visit our section on Treebox Installers
Hire – we can arrange hire of a green wall or ivy screen for your next social or corporate event and create a memorable backdrop, enclosure or high impact feature. Email us for help

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We deliver sustainable urban greening solutions and products that cater for commercial and residential applications.

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