Treebox Team

Armando Raish

Managing Director

Armando Raish began his career in architecture, finding greater fulfilment in landscape design a little later on. He moved to the UK from Australia in 2006, and decided to pursue his passion for urban greening by embarking on a new venture to start his own vertical growing company. Treebox Ltd was established in July 2009 and now has 7 years experience in developing and installing living wall systems across the UK and beyond.

Armando enjoys helping people appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world and is currently developing a network of like-minded individuals who want to see positive change in our cities and communities. Through Treebox he hopes to generate a growing interest in sustainability issues surrounding urban living, our ecological impact on the earth and food production. His goal is to bring nature back to our homes and streets in a creative and beautiful way.  



Office Manager
After studying development studies and human geography Chetan had the pleasure of working in a trade union,  teaching English in Japan,  publishing, and photography. Chetan kept in touch with his primary interest in the relationship between society and environment through volunteering and community engagement, and now continues his journey with Treebox to close the gap between humans 'here', and the environment 'there'.
Chetan finds motivation in the power of nature, human ingenuity, being part of a movement to improve the cities we live using simple yet effective ideas and solutions.


Ran Lv

Business Development Manager

Ran delivered integrative design and developed her own café & restaurant business in China. After successfully running two shops for 4 years, she decided to follow her passion and return to university studying horticulture, she received the UK national Student Scholarship 2016 from the David Colegrave Foundation, aimed at encouraging UK horticulturalists who are keen on working in commercial horticulture.

Her education in art design and horticulture combined with experience working with the largest landscaping company in the UAE led her to gain MA in Landscape Architecture.

Working with plants is Ran's life choice with strong beliefs in what urban greening solutions can provide for the future.



Sarah Green

Marketing Manager

Sarah studied Environmental Science at the University of Leeds before progressing to under take a MSc in Marine Science in NSW, Australia. Always having an interest in nature it was her extensive travels and experiences abroad that allowed her to appreciate the relationship between humans and their surroundings. 

Further studies and projects outside of her career have enabled her to develop skills in photography, free-lance writing and bridging the link between art, culture and the environment in community events. 


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