2nd September 2016

This vibrant living wall design explores the opportunities for and expansion of green infrastructure in today’s society. Visitors are invited to explore the various elements of vertical design, becoming submerged in the aesthetics of the cascading greenery while also acknowledging how modern technology and renewable energy can combine to enhance urban environments.

The concept for this project was to bring together all the technology Treebox has been working on over the past few years, highlighting how living walls can be used to tackle issues such as air pollution, reduce food miles and recycle rainwater.

Key features include on display at this year’s RHS Tatton include:

1) Vertical Rain Garden – Intelligent living wall stores and attenuates rain water for irrigation. It is self watering with no pumps, power or mains water required meaning it not only reduces maintenance requirements but eliminates the risk of urban flooding during rapid rainfall.

2) Air Purification Unit – New technology transforms a standard passive living wall to an active air purifying unit. The system performs all year around 24 hours a day and a standard unit has the potential to clean up to 1 million liters of air each day of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter emitted in urban environments. Each unit has a compact design with low water usage making them adaptable to already existing street structures.

3) Vertical Farming – As our urban cores become more developed and population increases, the pressure for food sources often leads to greater food miles and less fresh produce. Living walls offer the opportunity for a variety of edible plants and herbs to be grown and used in their local community. There has been a recent trend in restaurants featuring living walls and roofs not only for aesthetics but also to ensure produce retains more nutrients from source to plate. It also offers restaurants the ability to provide diners with a greater insight to their meals, with an increasing amount of consumers concerned with organic produce and origin. On a smaller scale, vertical farms also provide fantastic backdrops to external kitchens and BBQ areas where seasoning and herbs can be plucked and used instantly, packing a great punch visually and aromatically.

Treebox’s exhibit at RHS Tatton enables visitors to take a walk through a compact world of green design. The diverse planting design will provide an exploration of the senses as individuals become lost in designs and technology that could see the future of our cities transform from concrete jungles to green eco-hubs.