3rd October 2016

If you’re a Holborn local or a regular commuter through the area you may have noticed our Livingbox project going through a few face lifts the last couple of months.

The project was created back in February when we teamed up with savvy urban innovators Public Space Jam and contemporary artist Andrea Tyrimos to transform a disused phone box into a living breathing piece of art.

Sitting on one of London’s busiest roads the Livingbox was retrofitted with an active living wall, transforming this pollution hotspot into a purified air oasis.

Unfortunately it wasn’t long before attempts were made to destroy this piece of urban greenery, with plants removed and tampered with. After seeing how much support the project had received over social media we couldn’t let this be death of the Livingbox – we planted and spruced up the living wall ready for the Monday morning crowds to enjoy yet again.

Sadly we were informed that the vandals had been back, this time not only pulling out plants, but also smashing one of the window panes framed by Andrea’s colourful leafy mural. So we returned to the scene to replant the Livingbox for a third time – providing a green escape from the urban jungle.

Less than a week later and the thieves had ripped out the plants for a third time – incidents like this reduce the likelyhood of future public green installations around the city so we’re asking for your help, spread the word and keep your eyes and ears open if you regularly pass through the area. We don’t want, or intend for a select few to ruin the potential of urban greening for the majority.