What Clients Say

Ed Burnham, Director Burnham Landscaping Ltd.

Burnham Landscaping are landscape constructors who concentrate mainly on residential, design led clients. Over the years we’ve acquired most of the skills in house to competently complete the most complex of gardens. Now we’ve completed the installation course for Treebox which adds yet another string to our bow.

The living wall training course was completed in just a day with further guidance during our first install. The process has been straightforward and very easy to grasp. And in the process we’ve got to know the team at Treebox very well and enjoy the ongoing working relationship.

The system itself is very easy to understand, and once mastered, any alterations required to fit around awkward structures are easy to complete. We have also been very impressed with the speed at which the living wall can be assembled. This means the client can see instant results with the living wall and planting having a strong visual impact from day one. Great to include in larger schemes or to simply brighten up one wall of a garden.


Paula Beard, Director Esquel Apparel Limited

‘My team and our customers love our living wall as it has brought nature to our courtyard.
The treebox team have been a pleasure to work with and are amazingly attentive’.


Mark Wheeler, Project Manager at Magic Memories. London Zoo

The service I received was outstanding. From initial inquiry through to install, I received constant updates and sound advice as to what product suited our needs. As we have never used Living Walls in the past, we needed advice and guidance and Treebox provided this.

The installations team were fully prepared prior to coming on site and got the job completed in a tight timescale. Since using Treebox we have already started to incorporate their ideas and designs into concepts for new sites and refurbishments. I would and have recommended Treebox to other clients that are looking for a cost effective and sustainable product and will continue to do so’.


Jamie, Emma & Charlotte Thrower

‘I had wanted a living wall for some time and my wife decided to surprise me with one for my birthday. We spent some time researching different options and installers and TreeBox stood out from the very first conversation as being friendly, helpful and with a really good grasp of what we were looking for.

Initial consultation and wall design were excellent and the installation over 3 days went very smoothly. Everyone was extremely professional, courteous and friendly and we hardly noticed they were there. The end result is amazing – we couldn’t be more happy with it. It has transformed our outside space and given new life to an otherwise inoffensive but functional wall. We opted for a floating bench to enable us to make the most of our living wall and we have found ourselves using the space much more over the summer than we ever did previously.

A huge thank you to Armando, Anastasia and the whole TreeBox team – we can’t recommend you highly enough’.

Jamie, Emma and Charlotte Thrower


Ben Fogle

‘I love my living wall. Treebox were helpful, friendly and professional’. Ben Fogle


Steven and Harvey

Steven and Harvey had seen living walls and often remarked “we should get one of those.” When they bought their urban chic apartment in London’s trendy east end, they were surprised to learn the developer had included one in the plans. “It was great” said Steve, “they hadn’t settled on a design at that stage so Harvey and I were able to get the design we both wanted by working directly with Treebox.  “I wanted edible plants and herbs and Harvey just wanted greenery” he added.

There’s no doubt the vertical garden makes a statement and this lush, stylish addition has transformed what would otherwise be just a dull brick and concrete internal patio into a much admired living space. Music video producer Harvey said, “We think it’s great, to us it’s just a room without a roof and just as much a part of our home as the space inside – an extra room if you like.”

‘It’s really easy to maintain and if we want to change the plants around for a bit for added colour or different texture, it’s really easy to swap plants around – almost like lego bricks, just pop them in’.

When asked what visitors think of the wall Harvey confessed; ‘We are a bit like proud parents showing off their child, we are loving all the great comments’.

‘Having moved from the outskirts to urban centre, we still wanted to be able to appreciate nature and greenery and our fantastic wall allows us to do that. It’s really easy to keep looking nice and gives us pleasure every day…we think everyone should have one!’


Philip and Silvia

Successful Putney based husband and wife team of architects Philip Evans and Silvia Alcantara, are just one of a growing number of clients choosing to beautify their homes and gardens with living walls.

Earlier this year, they chose Treebox to install a 6 metre square wall at their high end residential development in Putney, South West London.

‘We are thrilled with the way it has turned out”’Philip said. ‘We have shown lots of people around the house now and they are all amazed when they see the wall. The interior is finished to a very high standard so the living wall just adds that perfect finishing touch’.

The living wall softens the look of an otherwise plain rendered block wall at the back of the compact patio space. This is achieved using a mixture of ornamental plants like lavender and Ivy and herbs such as rosemary and oregano – for those who like dining alfresco.

Silvia went on to say, ‘During the day the plants create a real calm oasis in the patio area. It’s like it’s created another room by extending the interior dining area to the outside. At night with the lighting it looks really magical – we just love the effect’.

Philip added, ‘ …and the best thing is with the irrigation system we can just forget all about it and just enjoy it, because we know it’ll look after itself, which is great for us’.