Building Benefits

How Green Walls Can Benefit Your Building

Along with other forms of urban greening such as planting trees and constructing green roofs, green walls provide a host of benefits to the environment, people living and working in the area and to the buildings themselves. This section provides more details on the building benefits offered by green or living walls.

Passive thermal insulation

A coverage of vegetation over a building can dramatically reduce the need for additional cooling in summer. The vegetation also works as a blanket to reduce heat loss from a building in winter. Studies have shown considerable energy savings.

Building protection

Green walls help reduce UV damage to surfaces and can protect a building from wind, weather and temperature fluctuations, prolonging the life of the structure. These factors may in fact offset any maintenance costs of green walling.

Green credentials

Green walls are visual indicators of sustainable design and can be a means of qualifying for additional eco-credits for sustainability assessment schemes and may help with planning applications.