Commercial Services

The Treebox team brings together a diverse group of experts with a wealth of professional qualifications and experience in garden design, horticulture, landscaping and project management. We have experience working with product designers, landscape professionals, colleges and plant nurseries to deliver urban greening solutions throughout the UK.

How we can help

  • Assistance to evaluate your green wall projects.
  • Guidance on best practice and aspects to consider.
  • Support from industry experts.
  • Provision of detailed specifications and estimates.
  • Supply of cost-effective practical solutions to meet your requirements.
  • Provision of a list of our recommended contractors across the UK.
  • Supply of on-site support and project management.


Our design team can help with all aspects of a proposal, from the initial consultation and briefing through to complete construction drawings and visuals.

  • Choice of system. We will discuss the most appropriate system for your requirements. Each has its own advantages, cost base, application and longevity. We can guide you through the options to help with your decision.
  • Irrigation. It is vital that the installation includes the most appropriate automated irrigation system. This can range from a relatively simple solution to a more sophisticated pump and tank system with automated feeding and remote monitoring.
  • Plant selection. Using the right plants to achieve the final design is key. We will consider the system chosen for the site conditions and aspect, along with the look you wish to achieve. You will be advised on the most appropriate plant varieties and availability throughout the year. Whether it is a simple ivy screen, a natural meadow wall or a subtle contemporary feature we can help achieve the required look.
  • Documentation. Full plant lists and images are produced to support your presentation along with a final design layout. Coloured visuals and mock-ups can be provided


Our experienced team is available to provide advice on a consultancy basis right from the start of your project. We will help you investigate options and feasibility of any greening exercise. We are in the unique position of being able to supply a range of greening systems and can advise you on the most appropriate solution for your requirements.


Our team of trained installers are equipped with the necessary equipment and experience to efficiently hand over large and small projects. They carry all the appropriate training along with health and safety certification. They understand the importance of working clean and working safe. We have close links with water management and green roof specialists so can bring it all together as a single package if required.


To safeguard your investment, we provide an ongoing maintenance service that ranges from periodical visits, which will generally take place four times a year, to a more comprehensive service package if necessary. We can provide reports detailing the work carried out per visit and how your installation is performing; highlighting any issues that need addressing.