Living Walls – Commercial

Designed and developed in house by Treebox, the Easiwall-Pro system is manufactured in the UK from 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. The system is a modular design with substantial vertical planting troughs attached to a solid back panel. This provides the necessary rigidity, waterproofing and security suitable for use as cladding on buildings in place of other façades.

The panels are supplied as 0.5 x 1.0m or 1.0 x 1.0m units. The system is supplied with irrigation lines, fixing rails and fittings, enabling installation by most competent building and landscape professionals. Planting can be carried out in-situ after panels have been installed. This provides the facility for client interaction with the system; i.e. planting, feeding and watering where required. Irrigation can be easily automated and is strongly recommended for large installations. Treebox supplies a green roof derived substrate mixture that provides the necessary nutrients in a lightweight, free-draining medium.

Key Advantages

  • Cost effective. Provides a practical alternative to many other commercial green wall systems.
  • Scalable. Can scale up easily by simply adding extra modules.
  • Flexible. Design allows installation in a wide range of spaces and locations. Substantial troughs can support larger plants for instant results.
  • Easily modified. Panels are easily modified with standard tools.
  • Versatile. Wide range of plant species can be used in the planting scheme, including many species of wild grass.

Best Applications

  • High impact feature walls where installation and maintenance costs are less important than the overall impact.
  • Urban growing of local produce for commercial and community growing initiatives.
  • Cladding replacement, used as an alternative to traditional wall cladding.


  • Planting is carried out on-site and may take 20% longer to install compared with our pre-grown systems.

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