Instant Green Screening

Green Screening – Low Maintenance Greening Solutions

This system takes advantage of the simple concept of encouraging natural climbing plants to cover an existing wall or structure. Treebox provides wire mesh panels that already support pre-grown ivy plants. The screens are supplied in two heights, 1.8 and 2.2m with green and variegated options. Installed directly into the ground between posts, against an existing wall, or planted in bespoke troughs, they provide an instant green façade or screening effect.

Key Advantages

  • Simple solution based on the natural ability of ivy to grow rapidly.
  • Additional cover can easily be achieved by adding frames and encouraging growth over larger areas.
  • One of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.
  • Suitable for security fencing and graffiti prevention
  • Proven solution in applications up to heights of 10 storeys.
  • Maintenance is easy with only periodical visits required.
  • 10-year warranty when maintained by the Treebox team.

Best Applications

  • Urban locations that need a simple, low cost, low maintenance greening solution
  • Areas where instant results are required for dust suppression, pollution reduction and noise abatement; e.g. around construction sites.
  • Temporary event solutions; e.g. around alfresco eating areas.


  • Although fast growing it can take time to cover an area larger than the initial installation, i.e. beyond the initial pre-grown frame.
  • Limited colour and textures available.

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