Reusable Living Hoarding

Instant Greening for the Construction Industry

The latest product developed in house by Treebox is the reusable living hoarding system. This innovative solution is aimed at providing instant greening for the construction industry.

Each year enormous amounts of hoarding material become unusable and are discarded as waste. This new system promises to provide the construction industry with a more sustainable solution to their hoarding requirements by reducing the material and labour required to construct, install and maintain a hoarding that is subsequently discarded.

The hoarding is modular and comes with standardised fixings and irrigation that can be linked up module-by-module to create security boundaries around building sites (or similar areas). In addition to its sustainability credentials the hoarding provides dust suppression, pollution reduction and noise abatement around the areas where it is installed.

Leasing options are available to enable clients to effectively manage their finances and remain focused on their core business. Treebox will provide a service that includes installation, relocation to a new site and maintenance for the duration of the loan period. The pre-vegetated hoardings will be installed and maintained by the Treebox team for a cost-efficient monthly fee. When they are no longer required, the hoardings are removed for redeployment at the next site.

Key Advantages

  • Instant greening solutions for short- and long-term applications.
  • Dust suppression
  • Cost-effective solution. Clients pay for the hoardings for the time they are required. There is no need to maintain or to store them when they are no longer in use.
  • No waste disposal.

Best Applications

  • Sites where instant solutions are required for dust suppression, pollution reduction and noise abatement.
  • Temporary event greening solutions.


  • Panels designed to replace traditional hoarding systems and so will require support posts at set intervals. Un-vegetated panels can be supplied for signage requirements.

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