How do I maintain my wall?

  1. Check that the irrigation is performing as it should be (or that you aren’t over/under-watering).
  2. Regularly check the plants. Trim off any unwanted growth or dead heads as necessary.
  3. Check for pests and diseases and treat accordingly.
  4. Apply liquid feed at regular intervals.

TIP: Avoid over-watering your Easiwall – 5 minutes per day is usually enough. TIP: If you are Growing Your Own, occasional topping up of compost will be required.

What can Easiwall panels be attached to?

House walls, courtyard walls, boundary walls, fence uprights, balcony railings.

How heavy are the Living Wall panels?

An empty 1 square meter panel weighs just 15kg. When planted each sqm weighs 68-72kg.

Is my supporting wall strong enough?

If you are planning to sit your Easiwall on the ground, the weight of the units is distributed down though the ground so there is very little force on the supporting structure. If you are planning to hang them off the ground, then use appropriate fixings to suit the support structure. If you’re ever unsure then contact the Operations team on contact@www.treebox.co.uk 

What are the panels made of?

They are made in the UK from tough recycled polypropylene, built to last 10 years outdoors. They are also 100% recyclable.

How deep are the panels?

The units are 150mm (15cm) deep front to back plus the depth any battens or support rails used.

Does Easiwall come in any other colours?

Only matt black, as this is the best option to disappear between the plants and allows for a higher mix of recycled material to be used during manufacture.

How long does it take to install?

Installation times vary depending on wall height and skill level, but on average two people can plant and install 6-8sqm per day.

How do I water them?

A drip-watering system can be inserted to deliver water efficiently, this is easy to automate by connecting to a tap with a timer kit. Hand watering should be limited to small walls only.

What plants can I use?

Edibles like herbs, ferns and grasses work well, small boarder plants, ground covers and generally any plant that does not exceed 60cm in height naturally. Make sure to use plants that suit the exposure to sun or the level of shade. 

There is a recommended plant list that is available upon request. Please e-mail enquiries@biotecture.uk.com

What is the delivery lead time?

From time of order to dispatch, our Operations team work towards a 3-5 working days delivery timescale. 

How does drainage work indoors?

You would need a gutter beneath the wall connected to a drainage point, 32mm dia minimum.

Can the Living Wall be re-located at a later date?

Yes, they can be. It would be best to remove the plants and soil first, to reduce weight. Avoid re-using the same screws or bolts as they may already have deteriorated.