Easiwall Green Wall

Green Walls for the Smaller Garden

For the householder who would like to brighten up a wall and introduce greenery into a small courtyard or onto a balcony

  • Comprises troughs that can accommodate established plants for instant impact.
  • Both ornamental and edible plants can be grown for year-round interest.
  • Can be fixed to a wall or building with relative ease and planted in situ.
  • System allows great flexibility in plant design and maintenance.
  • Supplied ready assembled with fixing instructions.

Unit dimensions:

  • 1m (h) x 0.5m (w) x 150mm (d)
  • 1m (h) x 1.0m (w) x 150mm (d)
  • 2m (h) x 1.0m (w) x 150mm (d)
  • 2m (h) x 0.5m (w) x 150mm (d)

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Key Advantages

High impact feature wall: Easiwall-Pro

Designed and developed in house by Treebox, the Easiwall-Pro system is manufactured in the UK from 80% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. The system is a modular design with substantial vertical planting troughs attached to a solid back panel. This provides the necessary rigidity, waterproofing and security suitable for use as cladding on buildings in place of other façades.

The panels are available as 1.0m x 1.0m, 0.5m x 1.0m, 1.0m x 2.0m or 0.5m x 2.0m units. The system is supplied with irrigation lines and fittings, enabling installation by most competent building and landscape professionals. Planting can be carried out in-situ after panels have been installed. This provides the facility for client interaction with the system; i.e. planting, feeding and watering where required. Irrigation can be easily automated and is highly recommended for large installations. Treebox supplies a green roof derived substrate mixture that provides the necessary nutrients in a lightweight, free-draining medium.

Key Advantages

  • Cost effective. Provides a practical alternative to many other commercial green wall systems.
  • Scalable. Can scale up easily by simply adding extra modules.
  • Flexible. Design allows installation in a wide range of spaces and locations. Substantial troughs can support larger plants for instant results.
  • Easily modified. Panels are easily modified with standard tools.
  • Versatile. Wide range of plant species can be used in the planting scheme, including many species of wild grass.

Best Applications

  • Urban locations that need a simple, low cost, low maintenance greening solution
  • Areas where instant results are required for dust suppression, pollution reduction and noise abatement; e.g. around construction sites.
  • Temporary event solutions; e.g. around alfresco eating areas.


  • Although fast growing it can take time to cover an area larger than the initial installation, i.e. beyond the initial pre-grown frame.
  • Limited colour and textures available.

About Us

Treebox was launched in 2009 to design, develop, distribute and install urban greening solutions for domestic and commercial applications. The company is currently focused on tackling what it considers to be two very important issues that face our growing urban population: air quality and food production in the urban environment.

The Treebox team brings together a diverse group of experts with a wealth of professional qualifications and experience in garden design, horticulture, project management, business administration, marketing, manufacturing and product development. The close-knit team is dedicated to providing sustainable and aesthetic solutions by sourcing locally manufactured, recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The team has collaborated with product designers, landscape professionals, colleges and plant nurseries to deliver vertical growing products, solutions and services throughout the UK.

We aim to contribute transformational change to our urban environment

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First published November 2011 Minor updates March 2015