Vertical Allotment – Edible Wall

Edible Walls & Vertical Allotments from Treebox

Vertical allotments or wall-mounted allotments are ideal for growing your own food in limited spaces.

  • Troughs accommodate a range of salads, vegetables, root crops and small fruits like strawberries
  • Keep your precious edibles out of reach of pets
  • Crops are less prone to damage from slugs and other garden pests
  • Easy to weed and tend
  • Less water required for irrigation relative to plants grown in the ground
  • When installed on the side of a building the crops may benefit from radiating heat
  • Specially designed to suit your space and installed with care.
  • Can incorporate irrigation.

From as little as 5 plants to an entire wall. Pricing details are available from our Downloads page.
Bespoke sizes are available for your custom space, please email us for more details

Want to grow your own plants? Click on the image below to download our “Grow-Your-Own Plant List”

“My ideal hobby would be to farm exactly three feet square of land and to do it perfectly”
JRR Tolkien



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